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Product Description

MAKE – ‘Loyal Instruments’

  • Autoclavable Glass 3lit & 7lit reactor
  • Glass Insitu Sterilization 10,15& 20lit Reactors
  • Airlift Reactor (Only with lark in India)
  • Batch, Fed batch & continuous reactor
  • Microbial & Cell Culture Design
  • 100% Contamination Free
  • Unique Stirrer Assembly Design
  • 316L quality SS Components
  • Imported pH& DO Sensors
  • Imported Temp, pH, DO & Foam Control
  • Agitation, Temp, pH, DO & Foam Control
  • Temp, pH, DO & Foam Sensor
  • Agitation 20 – 1000rpm
  • Temp: Ambient +5°C to 80°c
  • pH: 2-12& DO – 0-100% or mg / lit
  • Three Pumps & additional pumps on demand
  • Marine Impeller Ring Sparger

Optional on Demand

  • Variable Speed Pumps 2-20&50-150 rpm with Digital display for fed batch & continuous.

Data Acquisiton System

Economy Model: Online data recording of all parameters interface with PC and online view of trend graph and data storage.

Classic Model: Both ON/OFF line data storage and trend graph both in PC and data acquisition system is possible. This has larger colour LCD monitor to view the trend/bar graphc. Memory Card to store the data in OFF line and later can be downloaded to PC or Laptop.

Chiller Cum Circulator to work below ambient temperature.

PC/Laptop to install data logging software.

Chiller Cum Circulator

Increase Evaporation Efficiency
Save tap water resource
PID temp control with Digital Display
Temperature up to4°C cooling



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